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I'm a library assistant in a public library and a library science student in the San Jose State University SLIS program. This blog is to track my progress in school and to note things of interest to library students, staff, and patrons. Expect to find reviews, essays, musings, and links.

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Monday’s Awesome Title #3

A Sheetcake Named Desire by Jacklyn Brady

Titles with food are almost always good!

“The Blogger’s Daughter” Books

Surely I’m not the only person who’s noticed this trend. These titles bother me particularly because it sets up the main character as she is in relation to someone else. And ‘daughter’ in particular is a subordinate position. One or two books? Okay, fine, whatever. But dozens? Here’s but a few. I’m sure this isn’t […]

The “How To” Romance Books

Browsing around for some awesome titles for my Monday feature, I ran across this pattern in romance books. Apparently a number of them are actually how-to manuals! In our library alone, you can learn:

How to Seduce a Duke (Kathryn Caskie)

If seducing just wasn’t enough to win him, you can then learn:

How to […]

Monday’s Awesome Title #2

The Long Quiche Goodbye by Avery Aames

I think mysteries have some of the best titles.

Monday’s Awesome Title

I introduce to you a new feature. Monday’s Awesome Title. And today’s awesome title is… *drumroll*

Demons are a Ghoul’s Best Friend by Victoria Laurie (2008)

It is probably no surprise to you that this is a paranormal mystery.