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“The Blogger’s Wife” Books

In a followup to my post about book titles following the pattern of The X’s Daughter, I bring you The X’s Wife.

These are all adult fiction (I didn’t find any teen or juvenile fiction that fit the pattern). This list is not exhaustive; it only includes books I found in our library catalog.

The Doctor’s Wife (Brian Moore)
The Doctor’s Wife (Elizabeth Brundage)
The Witch Doctor’s Wife (Tamar Myers)

The Samurai’s Wife (Laura Joh Rowland)
The Captain’s Wife (Douglas Kelley)
The Soldier’s Wife (Margaret Leroy)
The Sea Captain’s Wife (Beth Powning)
The Sailor’s Wife (Helen Benedict)
The Centurion’s Wife (Davis Bunn/Janette Oake)


The Senator’s Wife (Karen Robards)
The Senator’s Wife (Sue Miller)
The Emancipator’s Wife (Barbara Hambley)
The Diplomat’s Wife (Pam Jenoff)

The Rector’s Wife (Joanna Trollope)
The Pastor’s Wife (Jennifer AlLee)
The Heretic’s Wife (Brenda Rickman Vantrease)

The Pilot’s Wife (Anita Shreve)
The Photographer’s Wife (Robert Solé)
The Headmaster’s Wife (Jane Haddam)
The Saddlemaker’s Wife (Earlene Fowler)
The Kitchen God’s Wife (Amy Tan)

The Tiger’s Wife (Téa Obreht)
The Shape-Changer’s Wife (Sharon Shinn)

The Killer’s Wife (Bill Floyd)
The Sniper’s Wife (Archer Mayor)
The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)

Fewer titles this time, but you can see they fall roughly into the same categories. Some of the professions are even duplicated from the The X’s Daughter list.

And the counter-example here? The Queen’s Husband (Jean Plaidy). That is it. One title.

One thing that makes this list different from the The X’s Daughter books, is that the X in the Daughter books could be a woman. For example, I know in The Bonesetter’s Daughter that the Bonesetter is a woman. But with these, I would be very surprised if any of the wives were wives of female diplomats, sea captains, or saddlemakers.

None of them break gender expectations in the least. How about The Nurse’s Wife? The Kindergarten Teacher’s Wife? The Fashion Model’s Wife? No? *sigh*

Bonus points if you can find all the titles that would fit Amelia Pond. 🙂
Extra super bonus points if you can find the other Doctor Who reference.

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