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I'm a library assistant in a public library and a library science student in the San Jose State University SLIS program. This blog is to track my progress in school and to note things of interest to library students, staff, and patrons. Expect to find reviews, essays, musings, and links.

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Monday’s Awesome Title #5

Hyracotherium Cover Hyracotherium
Marc Zabludoff

This title is not awesome because it’s a silly pun. It’s because there’s actually such a creature as a hyracotherium! Say that five times fast. Then type it five times fast. 🙂 Are two hyracotheriums called hyracotheria? Might have to read the book to find out!

Even the author name is pretty cool on this one.

For the curious, he’s a link to the hyracotherium Wikipedia page.

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