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“The Blogger’s Daughter” Books

Surely I’m not the only person who’s noticed this trend. These titles bother me particularly because it sets up the main character as she is in relation to someone else. And ‘daughter’ in particular is a subordinate position. One or two books? Okay, fine, whatever. But dozens? Here’s but a few. I’m sure this isn’t an exhaustive list. These are all taken from our library catalog. I’ve only pulled out the adult and YA fiction titles.

There are enough I could split them into categories!

The Bonesetter’s Daughter (Amy Tan)
The Doctor’s Daughter (Judith Bowen)
The Doctor’s Daughter (Hilma Wolitzer)
The Gravedigger’s Daughter (Joyce Carol Oates)
The Abortionist’s Daughter (Elisabeth Hyde)
The Mortician’s Daughter (Elizabeth Bloom)
The Apothecary’s Daughter (Julie Klassen)

The General’s Daughter (Nelson DeMille)
The Warlord’s Daughter (Susan Grant)
The Colonel’s Daughter (Cynthia Harrod-Eagles)
The Pirate’s Daughter (Margaret Cezair-Thompson)

The Duke’s Daughter (Angela Thirkell)
The King’s Daughter (Barbara Kyle)
The Queen’s Daughter (Susan Coventry) — YA
The Tsarina’s Daughter (Carolly Erickson)
The Thief Queen’s Daughter (Elizabeth Haydon)
The Sea King’s Daughter (Barbara Michaels)
The Lord-protector’s Daughter (L. E. Modesitt Jr)

The President’s Daughter (Jack Higgins)
The Senator’s Daughter (Victoria Gotti)
The Congressman’s Daughter (Craig Nova)

The Parson’s Daughter (Catherine Cookson)
The Preacher’s Daughter (Beverly Lewis)
The Bishop’s Daughter (Wanda Brunstetter)
The Heretic’s Daughter (Kathleen Kent)
The Minister’s Daughter (Julie Hearn) — YA

The Baker’s Daughter (D. E. Stevenson)
The Calligrapher’s Daughter (Eugenia Kim)
The Professor’s Daughter (Emily Raboteau)
The Concubine’s Daughter (Pai Kit Fai)
The Farmer’s Daughter (Jim Harrison)
The Rancher’s Daughter (Jodi O’Donnell)
The Lightkeeper’s Daughter (Colleen Coble)
The Lightkeeper’s Daughter (Iain Lawrence) — YA
The Sailmaker’s Daughter (Stephanie Johnson)
The Samurai’s Daughter (Sujata Massey)
The Musician’s Daughter (Susanne Dunlap) — YA
The Winemaker’s Daughter (Timothy Egan)
The Storekeeper’s Daughter (Wanda Brunstetter)
The Headhunter’s Daughter (Tamar Myers)
The Tailor’s Daughter (Janice Graham)
The Quilter’s Daughter (Wanda Brunstetter)
The Horsemaster’s Daughter (Susan Wiggs)
The Snake Catcher’s Daughter (Michael Pearce)
The Alchemist’s Daughter (Katharine McMahon)
The Hangman’s Daughter (Oliver Potzsch)
The Con Man’s Daughter (Ed Dee)
The Fortune Teller’s Daughter (Susan Wilson)
The Fortune Teller’s Daughter (Lila Shaara)

The Hummingbird’s Daughter (Luis Urrea)
The Butterfly’s Daughter (Mary Alice Monroe)
The Eagle’s Daughter (Judith Tarr)

The Millionaire’s Daughter (Dorothy Eden)
The Immigrant’s Daughter (Howard Fast)
The Witch’s Daughter (Paula Brackston)
The Witch’s Daughter (Cade Merrill) — YA

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (Kim Edwards)
The Optimist’s Daughter (Eudora Welty)
I performed the same search with ‘son’ instead of ‘daughter’ and only came up with 8 titles. So clearly something sexist is at play here. I doubt it can be entirely explained away as ‘daughter’ sounds better in a title.

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