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I'm a library assistant in a public library and a library science student in the San Jose State University SLIS program. This blog is to track my progress in school and to note things of interest to library students, staff, and patrons. Expect to find reviews, essays, musings, and links.

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LIBR 203 – Unit 5 Assignment – Needed Skills for Online Study

Having completed a degree in an online program before (Information Technology at Capella University), I have a pretty good idea of where my weaknesses are. Or rather, weakness is. And that’s procrastination. But I’m getting better. I know I’m more likely to complete things on time if I dive in while I’m still enthusiastic about it. While it still seems new, shiny, and interesting. And then if I keep going, momentum will help carry me through. It gets harder when you stall, or start to fall behind. It’s much easier to keep going than to get going again once you’ve stopped.

The technology doesn’t bother me. Sure, some of it is definitely new since I last studied. Facebook didn’t exist then! But I’ve never shied away from playing with new software or websites. The SJSU SLIS open house was actually the first time I’d used conference software like that. We’re really in the 21st century now. Watching the final shuttle launch live on my phone proved that to me.

The presentations about teamwork sounded rather scary though. Then again, you only have to watch a few episodes of The Apprentice to find out how not to participate in a team environment. (The UK version with Lord Sugar is beyond superior to Trump’s egotrip of a show, btw.) I have to say my biggest concern about working as a team is some team members not being responsive or pulling their weight.

I’m going to have to make use of my mp3 player and my ereader whenever possible, I think. To prevent eye strain and to let me get work done without being at a computer. PDFs on ereaders are not ideal though. I wonder if the SLIS program has given thought to providing more materials in epub format.

Off to do more work before I have to catch the bus!

2 comments to LIBR 203 – Unit 5 Assignment – Needed Skills for Online Study

  • Hi Fledgling Librarian,
    I share your same sentiments – eye strain, time management (I work fulltime in ILL and public service at a law library – very busy), personal SWOTs, and relying on my previous educational experience in (higher ed) to get me through this one. I’m confident we will make and have fun in the process if we put our minds to it.
    Check out my blog that is an open forum for grad students’ concerns such as yours and find out what others are thinking, feeling, etc.
    Claire H.

  • Shannon

    As a fellow procrastinator, I feel your pain. I’ve found that with all of the often overwhelming things that I have to juggle that there is simply no room in my life for the stress that comes in putting off the inevitable.

    Group work in a virtual world comes with its own special sorts of challenges without question. I’ve found that the pressure of collaboration has helped push me to stay focused and to tackle my work.

    Speaking of group work, I am working in collaboration with several other peer mentors on a meet-up program filled with tips, tricks, and advice for making the most of group projects and working collaboratively. I will have more information to offer you in terms of dates and times soon.


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