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Book Trailer Wednesday – Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

I haven’t figured out if/how you can embed videos from Amazon. So here’s a link instead.

I finished reading Beauty Queens recently and I think it’s awesome.

Watch the book trailer and see if it intrigues you.

The book trailer features the author, which I think gives it a certain something extra.

6 comments to Book Trailer Wednesday – Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

  • Hey Julie! Am almost finished with Beauty Queens and am loving it! Such a dead-on (hilarious, but scarily true) social commentary AND an awesome, positive message about the importance of being oneself. So cleverly done. Girls of ALL ages should read this book! Loved the trailer too, thanks for that link! xoxo Rachel

  • Fledgling

    Glad you agree!

  • Carla Ehreneich

    I’ve never watched a trailer for a book before… and it totally sold me on it. Though the cover pretty much would have sold me on it too. I have to get on with my teen reading. Last summer when it came time to vote I had read quite a few of the nominees. This year I had only read one and hardly recognized any of the titles.

  • Fledgling

    I find YA titles are usually so much more interesting and fun to read than adult sf/f titles.

  • Melody Dewberry

    Hi Julie!
    I’ve heard a lot of our teens and some staff members say this is a a great book. The cover’s certainly eye-catching, isn’t it? 🙂 One more title for the ever-expanding Goodreads list. I’m really behind with YA lit–I just finished *Catching Fire*. On to *Mockingjay*. I know I won’t have much time for pleasure reading, but I really want to try to squeeze in some YA books while I’m in school.
    Wonderful blog, by the way!

  • Fledgling


    I really liked the Hunger Games books. Can’t wait for the movie! Even as I was reading it way back when, I thought it’d make a good movie.

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